IAQFP was officially formed in June 2001, primarily as an advocacy “group” then known as the “Concerned Planners Group”, by Paul M. League, CFP® and Gib Kerr, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU, and quickly joined by other person’s who were equally committed to bringing about constructive change in the profession.

Our initial focus was to bring together all those persons trained and credentialed in the Financial Planning (“FP”) methodology and discipline, so that we could speak in one voice about changes our constituency saw as vitally necessary to growing a profession.

What was clear was that the primary influencers (CFP Board and the FPA) of the Profession were taking Stakeholders down a path that they did not like, and in the process Stakeholders interests, as well as those of the public, were not being adequately, or properly considered.

Stakeholder popular demand caused us to expand to better address the ongoing and evolving concerns of our constituency, and so in March 2003 we evolved into the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION of QUALIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS and introduced our single, unifying designation (moniker), for the profession and its professionals; namely: QFP — Qualified Financial Planner.

We did this to unify the profession, as well as to bring focus and distinction to the Financial Planning skill set and field, along with simplifying the designations and credentials “alphabet soup” from 5 competing designations (ChFC®, PFS™, CFP®, MSFS & MS, the latter two with a concentrated study of the Financial Planning methodology and learned discipline) into a single, unifying, designation: QFP. The public had enough confusion over who is who…and Stakeholders needed a way and means to respond, and so we did!

Along with this, we launched the: QFP Verification Registry of Qualified Financial Planners. The QFP Registry serves as a free public resource where the public is urged to both verify and find competent planners.

IAQFP continues to expand as a Membership Organization, that also includes the important function of carefully researching, and vetting those person’s holding out to the public as Financial Planners. Once such person’s are accredited they become IAQFP Certified—Financial Planners, who are granted use of the QFP — Qualified Financial Planner, and inclusion in the QFP Registry. We continue to list such QFP so long as they remain in good standing so that the public is reasonably better protected.

Annually, we conduct QFP Registrant Re-Verification & IAQFP Membership Registration, enrollments, and/or renewals, which include attestation to our “IAQFP Standards.


IAQFP welcomes, and in fact openly seeks out persons willing to serve on the IAQFP Board of Directors, and various important organization Committees. We also encourage all Registrants to actively participate in formal Deliberations, Elections every 3-years of the IAQFP Chairperson & President (nominated by the IAQFP Board), and via our Voting Booth on organization-wide Vote Calls.

Board, Committee, and Executive service is voluntary and non-compensated, requiring only a few hours weekly, at most, and will surround dialog, via email, on issues like organizational administration, goals, membership, and industry matters of concern to our constituency.

Please reach out to us via if you have interest in giving back to your profession and helping IAQFP in achieving its goals.

We also offer the IAQFP—Partnering Program to assist us in raising much needed finances, and we ask each of our constituents to encourage their vendors, and businesses with who they obtain professional support and services, to become IAQFP—Partners.