IAQFP Certified—Financial Planners undergo a vigorous vetting, accrediting, and certifying process to be identified as QFP — Qualified Financial Planner, Financial Plannings single, unifying moniker.

Once IAQFP Certified, such QFP are permitted inclusion in the QFP Verification Registry of Qualified Financial Planners, the nation’s prestigious free public venue and resource, where the public is urged to both verify and find Qualified Financial Planners.

QFP Registrants are subject to continuous, ongoing adherence of IAQFP Standards, resulting in a reliable professional Registry on which the public can, at all times, reasonably rely.


What follows is an overview of what is involved with Registering for inclusion in the QFP Verification Registry and/or for IAQFP affiliation:

  • Annual Verification/Re-Verification of your underlying Financial Planning qualifying designation, that currently includes any one or more of the following (with still others under consideration): ChFC®; PFS™; CFP®; MSFS & MS (the latter two with a concentrated study in the Financial Planning methodology and learned discipline).
  • The submission of your “Proving Documents”* (Designation Certificate, Diploma, Degree, etc.) that confirm the details and date that you successfully earned said underlying qualifying designation. [NOTE: IAQFP does not require that you maintain the underlying qualifying designation only that you at one time earned it, and that you have not been found to have committed any crime, or to had any right to use said designation rescinded due to unethical practices.]
  • QFP Registrant Attestations: As a part of this (Annual) Registration—Re-Verification Process, all QFP Verification Registry Registrants (IAQFP Members and Non-Members), must attest to ongoing, continuous compliance, with each of the following IAQFP Standards:

IAQFP-Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct

IAQFP-Disciplinary Procedures & Complaint Process

IAQFP-Certified-Financial Planners QFP Designation Usage Guidelines

IAQFP-Continuing Professional Education (“CEU”) Requirements

IAQFP-Membership Agreement (as applicable)

  • IAQFP Member or Non-Member Affiliation Selection: we recognize that while all QFP are eligible to be placed in our public resource, not all such persons will choose to also be an IAQFP Member. Here are your 2 options with regards to IAQFP affiliation:

I.  IAQFP Member: currently, our Membership Dues are only $175 annually, and provide Member QFP with a “Premium Listing” in the QFP Verification Registry — perhaps the best advertising value and venue in existence, to include: Full Name, Designations (with date earned), Business Address, any Securities Broker-Dealer, “RIA” or “IAR” affiliations, Bio and/or Areas of Specialization and/or Professional Practice Focus, etc.

The Registry also provides such Member Registrants with an online “Select this QFP” submission Form to discretely bring referrals and potential business directly to you, but in a manner that your email, phone, and website contact information are hidden from view and thereby protected until you accept their inquiry and provide them that information.

II.  IAQFP Non-Member: this includes a QFP Registry Listing of Name and QFP Designation ONLY. While this does not require any Dues, it does come with an Annual Admin Fee, currently $100, that covers the costs of maintaining the public Registry, the Annual Registration process, and other operational expenses of our not-for-profit organization. [Note: First year QFP Registry Registrants are admitted free of charge with a Name & QFP Designation ONLY listing. For a full listing in the Registry you must select IAQFP Membership at the then noted IAQFP Member Fee.]

  • qfp — qualified Financial Planner, Designation Certificates:

All QFP Verification Registry Registrants, following the processing and approval of their Registration, are provided with a printable (color) QFP Certificate, containing their: Full Legal Name, Certificate Issue Date, and Certificate ID Number.


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