Are You A Financial Planner?

If you hold out to the public as a “Financial Planner” and think of yourself as duly qualified…we encourage you to become an IAQFP Certified—Financial Planner, eligible to use the professions single, unifying moniker, QFP, and to become an IAQFP Certified—Financial Planner and QFP Verification Registry Registrant today!

IAQFP, in an effort to unite the professionals and the profession of Financial Planning, has openly granted all those having earned one or more of the following equivalent designations of Financial Planning, use of the QFP — Qualified Financial Planner designation:

  • ChFC®
  • PFS™
  • CFP®
  • MSFS and/or MS (the latter two with a concentrated study in Financial Planning methodology and learned discipline).

We have done this, in part, to help in unifying the profession and to make readily available, to a much deserving public, a greater pool of duly accredited, IAQFP Certified—Financial Planners, increasingly generally best known as QFP — Qualified Financial Planners.

A serious problem exists for the general public when financial services persons loosely also refer to themselves as “Financial Planners,” often including financial and other credentials that are, however, not specific to nor even representative of the now well established Financial Planning methodology and learned discipline.

The general public, in looking at this ever growing “alphabet soup/designations maze,” is often confused as to who is really qualified to assist them with, specifically, their Financial Planning needs. In fact, they are often unable to even easily distinguish the professionals of Financial Planning from those of the Securities, Insurance, Accounting, Tax and Legal fields.

The result is that properly qualified individuals, as you may be, are being confused with those who are not actually trained Qualified Financial Planners, resulting in your being overlooked for your Financial Planning services and capabilities, while those without such qualifications are instead being called upon by an unsuspecting public and gaining their trust and business — an outcome that is not fair to you or to a public that is seeking better direction and solutions to their Financial Planning needs.

IAQFP was formed, in part, to end this dilemma, and introduced the QFP — Qualified Financial Planner designation (see here Statement of Minimum Qualifications for QFP), as the professions single, unifying moniker, to help end public confusion surrounding such matters and to more easily direct them to IAQFP Certified—QFP like you.

We are pleased to bring to your attention that you, like the many thousands of worldwide authorized users who have earned at least one of the above listed five credentials specific to Financial Planning, have been openly granted approval to not only use the QFP designation, but to also be listed, free of charge (first year), in the IAQFP, FREE, 24/7 public resource, known as the: QFP Verification Registry of Qualified Financial Planners at: QFP Verification Registry

If you are not listed in the online Registry we encourage you to do so today. Registering today not only helps the public in properly identifying you, but it also provides them a free online resource to easily both verify and locate you. We therefore strongly urge you to Register your QFP today, free of charge (first year, $100 thereafter), at the QFP Verification Registry of Qualified Financial Planners website via the following links:

While Membership is not required to Register (which is not the case with the FPA, which not only requires Membership — while only serving 1 of the 5 substantially equivalent designations of Financial Planning — but also up-charges membership dues in excess of $450 annually, and higher, based on certain Zip Code areas of the country), we encourage you to also consider becoming a valued Member (only $175 annually) for the added benefits and increased Registry exposure that it alone provides: Membership adds a link to “Select This QFP” along with your detailed business information, picture, and an area for you to input your professional services Bio/Areas of Specialization. IAQFP Membership also includes important vendor discounts and an equal Vote in the affairs of the organization and the profession.

At long last the public has a free, single location, where it can easily both verify and find QFP — Qualified Financial Planner(such as you may indeed be), along with the thousands of other equivalently and duly credentialed professionals of the Financial Planning profession. The Registry represents perhaps the best and most cost-effective advertising exposure venue of any within the Financial Planning market today.

We hope that you too will soon be a part of the IAQFP Unification Solution, by proudly using and Registering your QFP, which you have been openly granted to do (see criteria here), and that you will also consider becoming, today, a valued IAQFP Member.